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My newest book and most recent music video:
newRiver-Lations, Revisited new
More Inspirational Stories and Photos from the Thousand Islands

What Kind of Love is This?
A song I wrote, sung, and set to some beautiful Thousand Islands Sunsets. Check it out on YouTube.

(Cover photo from River-Lations book and CD)

Because You Loved
Another recent song on YouTube

Welcome to Patty's Page. I hope you enjoy my music, photos, and articles. I know it is a little unorganized but that is because I keep adding new stuff! So, please stop back now and then. In fact, North Wind Publishing recently released A Bird Lover's Reflections: A 90-day Devotional and Journal for People Who Love Birds.  This is the third book in my new outdoor devotional series. The first book, River Reflections: A 90-day Devotional and Journal for People Who Love the Water came out in 2012 followed by Nature Reflections: A 90-day Devotional and Journal for People Who Love Nature in 2013.  

The summer before that, we released River-Lations: Inspirational Stories and Photos from the Thousand Islands which is a collection of articles I wrote for the Thousand Islands Sun Newspaper along with some of the photos I have taken of the Thousand Islands.  In 2017, North Wind Publishing released River-Lations Revisited: More Inspirational Stories and Photos from the Thousand Islands with over 30 new stories and pictures. This is my most recent publication.

In 2010, I was the recipient of a national Amy Award for one of the articles that are included in the book. You can read the Thousand Islands Sun's Press Release about the award or you can read the article, Kayaking for Dummies, on the Amy Foundation's web site.  I also write ariticles occasionally for Thousand Islands including Songs in the Night which has some of the sights and sounds of our Thousand Islands loons.

Of course I also love to sing and write music.  Along with the songs above, my other recent songs include, Come Into His Rest (set to my nature photography),You'll Soon Make All Things Right, Alpha & Omega, I Was There (mp3) and Light of Love. Please let me know if you would like the lyrics/chords to any of my music. I recently uploaded a recording of my song, Psalm 130, that was recorded many years earlier at my college recital at Houghton College (thanks to Mary (Smith) Phillips and Connie Finney for your help!).  I also play keyboard and sing on the worship team at my church, the Syracuse Alliance Church on Midland Ave in Syracuse, New York. Check out the article recently done about our church in a local newspaper.

In my other (non-musical) life, I work in the Department of Pediatrics at SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse. But once I leave for the day, I enjoy a number of other activies. In the summer, I'm always somewhere near the water. That includes the Thousand Islands.  I love to be outdoors jogging, kayaking, gardening, fishing, swimming, and taking pictures (check out my photography pages or you can see some of my photography featured in The Thousand Islands Life Magazine). During the long, cold winter months I keep busy by writing. Inspired by the magnificent splendor of God's creation, I enjoy composing and singing my own songs, as well as writing inspirational books and articles (click here to read one of my nature articles originally published in the Syracuse Good Newspaper). We recently released our newest music video, River-Lations, which completes our Thousand Islands music video triology. You can even view our 3-minute movie trailer on YouTube.  We are really excited about it and believe it is our best work yet. We were thrilled to have River-Lations receive the highest possible 5-Dove rating from the Dove Foundation. If you love music and nature we think you will too!

In 2007, I had two new books published including To Love, Honor, and OH BOY!, which is a book about love and marriage published by CSS Publishing Company (see the neat review this book got from the American Authors Association).  Earlier in the year, CSS released, A Good Paddling, inspired by some of my kayaking adventures.  

My most recent music album is my 12-song CD, Wondrous Love (pictured above --note, I am the one on the right, not the left). I express some of my deepest thoughts and feelings in my songs and I love to be able to share them with others through my music. Here is one of the songs (mp3), "What Kind of Love is This?" to give you a small taste of the album. You can read the latest review in the Syracuse Post Standard. Several of the songs on this album are included in the River-Lations music DVD.

My previous album is The Treasure of Your Love (which includes the song, "I Was There" that was written for the victims of the hurricanes in 2005).  I was interviewed on WHMR radio where I talked about the making of this album.  My previous CD, Heaven & Nature Sing, includes 10 original songs all inspired by nature and Scriptures with all kinds of neat new special effects. You'll hear the mourning dove, the waves of the River, a forest full of birds, Christmas bells and a few additional surprises.  I was honored to have it reviewed by the Syracuse Newspapers. But wait! It gets even better. You can now watch while you listen. We have also released the Heaven & Nature Sing Music Video that sets seven of the new songs to exquisite scenes of nature, wildlife and the Thousand Islands area.  Want a sneak peek? You can now see the title song, "Heaven & Nature Sing" on YouTube.  Special Note: You can purchase the Heaven & Nature Sing CD or the movie and help support the new CNY Children's Hospital at the same time (see the Heaven & Nature Sing movie page to learn more).

In May of 2002, we released our first music video, Proclaim His Praise in the Islands, featuring scenes of the amazing Thousand Islands area, its lighthouses, ships, castles and wildlife all put to seven of my own original songs.  Wildlife, of course, includes Hoover, our "pet" chipmunk, featured in his very own song (now featured on YouTube). For more information about this now world famous chipmunk, come visit him at his own web site.  After all the feedback we have gotten about our little friend, we felt that the least Gold-Mountain could do was to sponsor The Hoover Page, complete with pictures, chipmunk links and even his own feature film. 

In addition to our music videos, we have also released several other music CD's of my songs. In Only Natural, I have combined my love of music with my love of nature by adding nature sounds to songs I wrote about God's awesome creation. Proclaim His Praise in the Islands includes the Chipmunk Song and my new patriot song, "America Keep Praying" which is also on the music video. Please feel free to listen to a short sample on my music pages.

A few years ago, I completed another CD that had a different focus from some of my other music.  Through several recent circumstances, I was reminded of some of the difficult times I have gone through in the past and how, as I went through them, I would find comfort by putting my thoughts and prayers into music.  The Lord brought me through each of those difficult times and, each time, He put a song on my heart. In Out of the Depths I share 10 of those songs with the hope that they will bring comfort and encouragement to others who are suffering and who need a quiet reminder that they need not go through it alone.  The title comes from Psalm 130 (this is one of the cuts on the album)- "Out of the depths I cry to you, O LORD...put your hope in the LORD,  for with the LORD is unfailing love”  (Ps. 130:1,7). If you, or someone you know, is hurting I pray the words and music on this album will truly help you find your way out of the depths.

As I already mentioned, I also love to write.  My first book was released in April, 2001 from New Leaf Press. Perennial Faith is now available at your local bookstore or online through Gold-Mountain.  In Spring of 2005, Arcadia Pulishing Company released the book I co-authored with my husband Bob, called Singer Castle.  It is the pictorial history of the castle where I spent many of my summers.  You can read the book or, you can now see the movie.  For one of our most unique projects, the Dark Island's Castle of Mysteries video, see our major projects page. 

Speaking of the Castle, for over15 years, until its sale in 2002, I was actively involved in the music ministry at Jorstadt Castle (now known as Singer Castle) in the Thousand Islands. Please come and visit the web site I have dedicated to this wonderful part of my life: A Tribute to Jorstadt Castle.  It is our involvement there, at this remarkable place, that prompted us to keep its memory and history alive in our new documentary video.

Several articles that my husband and I co-authored have been published on the web: Designer Genes, The Code Word, Ask the Animals, and A Very Big Bang, can be found on the Leadership University Home Page. Come check us out!

I also volunteer at New Hope Family Services, currently as their online crisis pregnancy counselor and web page manager. We are a local agency run almost exclusively by volunteers dedicated to helping both the unborn and their parents through what, in many cases, is considered a crisis pregnancy. There are similar organizations located throughout the country. If you are interested in more information, or if you, yourself, are struggling with a crisis pregnancy there is a place right here on the Web that you can visit. It is the OptionLine/Pregnancy Centers Page.

Whether I'm at work or at play, on the River or at my keyboard, none of those things really define who I am. I would hope that if only one thing were to come to mind when people thought of me it would be in terms of my First Love.

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Why wait until Christmas?

Good News for Everyone

The Truth in Many Languages

I Was There
Patty Mondore, 2005

When the storms of life crash down upon you unannounced
When the life you know is gone before your eyes
When you ask through tears and anguish why such sorrow you must bear
Please remember, precious child, I will be there.

When the winds blow - - I will be there
and when the things you hold so dear are washed away
I will hold you in My arms
I will keep you from all harm
And you will know that through it all, I was there.

When the storm has passed and you're left thinking all is lost
if you'll only turn to Me, I understand
For I died upon a cross, and gave my very life for you,
And I did it just to show my love is true.   

Come to me - - I will see you through your pain,
Trust me, I will help you through each day.
Cling to me, I'll love you through it all
and be with you til I bring you home to stay.   

Thank you for visiting my web page. I hope you found some refreshment and encouragement here.  I leave you with this shining symbol of hope.  Click on the Lighthouse to find the true source of Light.

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