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Links to Patty's Personal Page, Music CD's, Music videos,
Books, Jorstadt Castle Tribute, etc

 Patty's Page
(includes links to Patty's online music, books, hobbies, interests, photography, and more)

Patty's Books
(check out Patty's newest release!)

Patty's Music Albums
Includes Syracuse Post-Standard Stars Magazine music reviews.

(our newest music video)
        (Performed by Patty & Filmed by Robert J. Mondore)

Patty's Music Videos 
(All the rest!)
        (Performed by Patty & Filmed by Robert J. Mondore)

Patty's Photography Pages
The Thousand Islands and other beautiful scenes updated regularly

Patty's Christmas Page

Jorstadt Castle
Personal memories of a ministry that made a difference (now known as Singer Castle)

Patty's Pediatric Page
What they pay me to do, 9 to 5 (and love every minute of it).

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