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Welcome to my pediatric webpage! My name is Patty Mondore and I am the Pediatric Residency Program Coordinator here at the new Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital in the Department of Pediatrics at the SUNY (State University of New York) Upstate Medical University in Syracuse. Come visit our official Pediatric Residency Page, meet our faculty, our current house staff, or visit our Pediatric Services Page. You can also check out our totally cool department newsletter, The Pediatric Crier (of which I just happen to be the Editor!). You also might be interested in visiting our Office of Graduate Medical Education. But, again, one of the things we are most excited about here at Upstate is our beautiful new Children's Hospital. So are our residents!

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The Department of Pediatrics is chaired by Gregory Conners, M.D.  Our Residency Program Director is Elizabeth Nelsen, M.D. and our Associate Program Directors are Mide Ajagbe, M.D. and Heather Wasik, M.D. Our program is a three year comprehensive training program with an innovative curriculum designed to prepare residents for careers in primary health care for children, subspecialty training, academic areers and community health services. For the 2020/2021 academic year we have a total of 47 residents (15 PL-1s, 15 PL-2s, 15 PL-3s and two PL-4 chief) some of whom are pictured below.

They, along with a full time faculty of over 60 individuals in general pediatrics as well as a variety of subspecialties have all found the academic atmosphere combined with the lovely four seasons of Central New York, the ideal place to pursue their careers in pediatrics. (Click here for more on life in Syracuse).

Our residency curriculum offers the framework needed for training the future primary care practitioner as well as the subspecialist. The broad-based curriculum enables residents to become competent in all areas of general pediatrics. This is achieved through a combination of Clinical Training in direct patient care, and a unique Didactic Education which includes lectures, interactive conferences and resident presentations. We've trimmed non-educational aspects of our program so you receive intense and essential experience. We were one of the first residency programs in the country to offer our entire core lecture series to our residents online. Our online series includes video lectures and corresponding slides, as well as reference articles for more detailed information. There is a short quiz included with each lecture, which is designed to reflect relevant pediatric board-review questions.

Inpatient Medicine in the Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital
Dedicated hospitalists under the leadership of our division chief, John Andrake, M.D., provide oversight and direct care for the inpatients at the Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital. They also provide consultative care to medical and surgical patients. A great deal of the education of residents and medical students is provided by these inpatient specialists. In 2021 we will be accepting our first Peds Hospitalist into our new fellowship program.

Outpatient Medicine At Itís Best
Our Division of General Pediatrics, directed by Steve Blatt, M.D., offers a full range of primary care and consultative services for children and adolescents, child development evaluation, child sexual abuse assessments, lead poisoning evaluation and treatment, and special programs for children in foster care, adoptive parents, adolescent parents, and refugee children. The mission of the Division is twofold: to provide state-of-the-art medical care for children and teenagers while offering an exceptional educational experience for medical students, residents and other health care professionals. A major aspect of our primary care training is the Outpatient Continuity Program, in which all residents follow their own group of families for three years. Each resident belongs to a group practice team that includes pediatric residents, nurses, nurse practitioners and three faculty members. Patients represent the spectrum of pediatric practice, including well babies, children with chronic illness, subspecialty diseases, and behavioral and psychosocial problems. Children in this program who require inpatient care are provided with coverage by their group practice resident and a general pediatric faculty member. Currently more than 2,500 children, from a variety of urban, rural and suburban settings, are enrolled in the program. The continuity program is a major focus for education and is part of current efforts to enlarge and broaden the primary care experiences for the residents. On occasion, itís also known to be a lot of fun (pictured below is the orange team hard at work)


International Medicine
The residency program has recently begun to offer opportunities for resident to have international health experiences during their residency training. Locally, residents are given the opportunity to work in our refugee clinic. In 2008, New York State resettled 3,628 refugees making it the 4th largest percentage receiving state in the union. In 2009, the City of Syracuse resettled an additional 1,364 new arrivals. The Pediatric International Health Clinic is a refugee clinic that serves primarily African Refugees from Sudan, Somalia and recently Liberia. These patients present with a unique spectrum of tropical diseases that are not otherwise encountered on a routine basis. In addition to our refugee clinic, residents can choose an elective in International Health and spend their call-free month in another country. We currently have a rotation in Kenya that several residents participate in each year.

I should probably mention that we also have a really fun intern retreat during the first year of training. The interns are freed from all clinical responsibilities to go on an overnight at a nearby retreat center. Some of the interns have been known to really flip over the experience!


Interested in finding out more about the Pediatric Residency Training Program at Syracuse? Check out our website. Or, feel free to E-mail us for further information about our program. Our first year positions are filled through the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP). We participate in the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) and only accept applications electronically. You can visit their website for further information about this system.

Is Pediatrics for You?
The American Academy of Pediatrics describes the special attributes of Pediatrics: "Pediatrics is a specialty of remarkable scope, flexibility and diversity. Pediatricians promote the physical, mental and emotional well-being of children from birth to young adulthood. They care for young people in every stage of development, in good and in compromised health. They must carefully consider the constant barrage of medical, social, and environmental influences that affect children and their families.

Physicians who care for children and adolescents from birth to age 21 must employ intellectual agility and diagnostic acumen. Because their patient population represents the nation's evolving demographic profiles, pediatricians are continually reminded that inaccurate assumptions may negatively affect preventive health messages or treatment instructions. For these reasons, pediatricians evaluate each patient in the context of the family system and social environment and work closely with professionals in education, social services, and public policy areas.

Pediatricians are continually motivated by these opportunities and the personal and professional latitude they provide. Individuals who believe that a career should offer a sense of purpose, flexibility and engagement will enjoy the pediatrician's freedom to investigate options and contribute to the well-being of future generations. These opportunities only grow in value when coupled with the inestimable rewards of comprehensive, longitudinal patient care."

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