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Bob's Thousand Islands Blog:
(Singer Castle, Boldt Castle, the Antique Boat Museum, the St. Lawrence River, and other 1000 Islands news. Audience participation welcome.)

Coming this Spring: Patty's new Reflections for Bird Lovers

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  Nature Reflections and River Reflections  

Nature Reflections and River Reflections are the first two books in Patty's outdoor devotional series

You can view a trailer to Nature Reflections on YouTube

 Also from Gold-Mountain: The new Singer Castle Revisited book!  

And of course, our original book, Singer Castle

Click on the title to learn more about either of these popular Thousand Islands books!

 River-Lations DVD
Click the title to read all about our inspirational Thousand Islands music video:

Read the perfect 5-Dove Review from the prestigious Dove Foundation. Free River-Lations 3-minute movie trailer. Read all about it in the Watertown Daily Times.

The Singer Castle documentary movie DVD - Dark Island's Castle of Mysteries
by Gold-Mountain (Copyright - all rights reserved)
Located in the Thousand Islands on the St. Lawrence River - 
Now updated! Robert J. Mondore, Executive Producer.
The late S.U. (Syracuse University) Professor Paul Malo said in his review: "Thanks for your substantial contribution to our regional history."
Also see the Singer Castle book, direct to you from Arcadia Publishing Company.  For details see link above
Singer Castle special...both the first book and DVD !

 Patty's Pages
Including her books, music, photography, and music videos.

To Love, Honor, and Oh Boy!
30 Ways for Couples to Say They're Wild About Each Other

A Good Paddling!
Lessons about Life, Learned on the Lake

Heaven & Nature Sing the video -Copyright (all rights reserved)
Help us support the CNY Children's Hospital  (SUNY Upstate Hospital), Syracuse NY
Music written and recorded by Patty Mondore
Filmed by Robert J. Mondore
Link Includes Syracuse Post-Standard / Stars rave music review.

Our mascot: Hoover the famous Thousand Islands Chipmunk! Now with Elizabeth Taylor's chipmunk (Nibbles) retro info.

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