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Singer Castle Revisited

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Gold-Mountain is pleased to announce the June 2010 release of our second book on Singer Castle from Arcadia Publishing Company.  Singer Castle Revisited is all new history, pictures, updates and mysteries on the most popular new tourist attraction in the Thousand Islands. This book is far more than an upgrade! Must see to believe. It will make you love history! Inspiring! Rave reviews are already streaming in from initial readers.

Singer Castle Revisited is the sequel to our first book, Singer Castle, published in 2005 that was released and patterned after the Gold-Mountain premiere documentary DVD, Dark Island's Castle of Mysteries.  A lot has happened in the last five years and Singer Castle Resisited will take the reader on a whole new tour of this magificent 100 year old castle. But it is not just a sequel, it is a stand alone and an outstanding book on its own. If you saw book one, you haven't seen anything yet!  

ALL NEW in Singer Castle Revisited:

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First, the retail price is $22 (OK, its really $21.99), but you can order now with a $2 discount (or $1.99 off to be exact). See it on the publisher's website here: Arcadia PublishingSecond, you will not be charged a shipping fee. That could easily be at least $3 more dollars. Now you're up to a $5 savings!

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